Red Lentils

Red Lentils

Botanical Name : Lens Culinaris
English Name : Red Lentils
Hindi Name : Masoor Dal
Family Name : Fabaceae


Canada, Turkey, Australia, India, Nepal, Africa.

Red lentils are yellow lentils that have been hulled and split. They are a light red to orange color, small in size, and create a very smooth puree when cooked. Because they have been hulled and split, red lentils are also the quickest cooking variety.


Red Lentils, Red Split Lentils, Machine clean, Sortex Type.
Red Whole Lentils without skin Sortex type (FootBall).
Oil Polish, Water Polish.

Nutrition Value

Carbohydrates, Sugars, Dietary fiber, Fat, Protein, Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium and iron.

Lentils are high in fibre, and complex carbohydrates, while low in fat and calories. Their high protein content makes lentils a perfect option for those looking to boost their protein intake.


Used for making dhal’s.


50 kgs, 25 kgs, 15 kgs.


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