Ani Seeds


Ani Seeds

Botanical Name : Pimpinellaanisum
English Name : Ani Seeds
Hindi Name : Suanf
Family Name : Apiaceae


It is a native of East Mediterranean Region. It is widely cultivated in Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, South America, Syria, Turkey, Spain, UK and USSR. In India, it is grown to a small extent as a culinary herb or as a garden plant. The major products are anis oil and oleoresin anis

The Indian name for aniseed is Vilayati Saunf. It is also differentiated by it’s smaller and leaner shape when compared to fennel seeds (saunf)


Ani seeds is a ground grey to greyish brown in colour ,3 to 5 mm in length , oval in shape with short stalk attached.

It has a characteristic odour and pleasant aromatic taste


Ani seeds is widely used for flavouring curries, bread, soups, baked goods, dried figs, deserts, cream cheese, pickles, egg dishes, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.


25/50 Kgs

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