Desi Chana

Desi Chana

Botanical Name : Cicer Arietinum
English Name : Desi Chick Peas
Hindi Name : Chana
Family Name : Fabaceae


Australia & Africa


FD quality

Nutrition Value

Chickpeas are a rich source of proteins, carbohydrates, dietary fiber and many essential minerals and vitamins.

The properties of black chana are as follows.

  • It may show antioxidant property
  • It may show anti-inflammatory property
  • It may show anti-ulcerative property
  • It may show anti-bacterial property
  • It may show anti-fungal property
  • It may show anti-cancer property
  • It may help in managing weight
  • It may lower blood sugar levels
  • It may help lower blood cholesterol


Used for making daals and besan, Chana has been an essential part of our diet and people across the country enjoy it in their unique ways. Black chana is a staple ingredient in every Indian household used in the preparation of salads, soups and other side dishes


Bulk in contaniers & 50 kgs

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