Crushed chilli


Crushed chilli

Botanical Name : Capsicum Frutescens
English Name : Crushed chilli
Hindi Name : Mirch
Family Name : Solanaceae




Crushed chilli or Red Chilli Flakes are obtained by crushing ripe, dried fruits of capsicum.

Red Chilli Flakes are a vital ingrediant in pizzas all over the world.

They are usually added as a garnish along with oregano flakes to add a bit of spice to the pizza.

These are two terms for the same exact spice that’s created from crushing different varieties of red chili peppers, but most often with a base of cayenne pepper.

They are both also known as “pizza pepper” due, of course, to its prominence next to salt and pepper at pizza restaurants.

Dried chilli flakes or curshed chilli not only make a vibrant and flavourful garnish, but a great addition to bread doughs, schnitzel crumbs, sauces, homemade sausages, scrambled eggs, frittata, meatloaf, ragu and countless other dishes.

Product Specifications **

Appearance Red colored flakes with seeds
Moisture Less Than 12%
Shu (ASTA Method) 20,000 – 55,000, 100,000 CU
Color (ASTA Method) 40 – 100
Ash Content Less Than 8%
Acid Insoluble Ash 0.05 – 1.13
Non Volatile Ether Extract 12.5% Min
Crude Fibre Less Than 30%
Particle Size 2mm – 8mm US Mesh


Particular size 1/4 ” Crush / 1/8″ crush Heat Levels 25000 SHU / 40,000 SHU


Chilli can be supplied in whole, crushed, powder or oleoresin forms in consistent colour and required pungent


10 kgs, 25 kgs, Bags

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