Annatto Seeds

Annatto Seeds

Botanical Name : Bixa orellana
English Name : Annatto seeds
Hindi Name : Sinduriya, Latkan
Family Name : Bixaceae


Peru, Kenya, India, Brazil

Harvest Season: April, May


We bring good quality Annatto Seeds that are the seed of the Bixa orellana. We can supply Annatto Seeds round the year with our robust supply chain. We are the trusted exporter of Indian origin Annatto Seeds at reasonable prices. Available whole or ground, the small triangular shaped seeds are used as both a spice and as a natural coloring in butter, rice, smoked fish and cheeses. In India, annatto is known as “sindoor” and is considered auspicious for married women.

Annatto contains nearly 100% tocotrienols in the strongest and most potent form. Annatto, from the bright red seeds, is the only plant source to provide exclusively the delta- and gamma-Tocotrienol E, which are the most potent and beneficial forms of Vitamin E.

Annatto is a spice and food coloring agent made from the seeds of the achiote tree, which is a tree that is native to South American, Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The seeds are found inside the fruit of the achiote tree and can be ground into a powder, infused into oil, or turned into a paste.


50 kgs PP/ jute bags OR as per buyer’s requirement

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