Lin Seeds

Lin Seeds

Botanical Name : Linum Usitatissimum
English Name : Linaceae
Hindi Name : Alsi Seed


The flax plant has been known to be cultivated for linseed or flaxseed since very ancient times; it is one of the oldest cultivated plants known to man.


The linseed belongs to the temperate zones of Europe and Asia – the plant is a native of these places. Since very ancient time, the linseed has been cultivated worldwide and used as a source for fiber, for seeds as well as for seed oil from the seeds.

Nutrition Value

Linseed contains 30-40% fixed oil (including 36-50% linolenic acid and 23-24% linoleic acid), 6% mucilage, 25% protein, and small amounts of linamarin (a cyanogenic glycoside). Linamarin has a sedative effect on the respiratory system.


Machine Clean and Sortex Clean with purity up to 99.9% available.


seeds are milled or crushed for linseed oil and flour. the flax is a highly valued remedy especially for treating many of the intestinal and chest conditions. Seeds consumed can induce a soothing action along the digestive tract and these are best when they are taken whole instead of as jelly or infusion. The whole seeds also tend to draw out toxins in the body , beneficial in the treatment of chronic coughs, also used for Other medical uses like Acne, Addictions, Prostate cancer, Wrinkles.

Known as

Flax Seeds, Linseed


50 kg bags / 25 kgs bags.

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