Botanical Name : AnacardiumOccidentale
English Name : Cashew nuts
Hindi Name : Kaju
Family Name : Anacardiaceae


Mid February – Mid April


India, Brazil, Vietnam, West Africa, East Africa and Indonesia.

There are some of the top countries producing cashews are Benin, Brazil, Guinea Bissau, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Vietnam.


India is the largest grower, processor and exporter in the world.

It is also interesting to understand, that the new statistics of consumer interests done during 2009 has proved India is also the number one consumer of cashew kernels in the world overtaking USA.

Cashew kernels are consumed all over the world as a premium snack and nowadays more used as a preferred ingredient due to its excellent flavor and unique texture in a large array of foods like sweets, dates, ice-creams and so on.

It can be dry or oil roasted, salted, coated with chocolate, spices, honey etc.

Processing of Cashew

We have a fully automatic integrated system thoroughly realized to shell and separate calibrated nuts of different sizes that use an oil bath roasting process.

The system processes any size of cashew nuts. After shelling, the kernels are automatically separated from the shells, ready for drying and peeling section.

Detailed process:

Oil bath roasting: In this method conditioned nuts are passed through CNSL bath heated to 170-2000C by conveyer buckets for 1-2 minutes during which period the shell gets heated rupturing the wall and releasing the oil into the bath.

The oil is recovered by a continuous overflow arrangement.

There are roasted nuts are centrifuged to remove adhering oil, cooled and shelled by hand and leg operated shelling machines.

The kernel with the adhering testa is scooped out using a sharp needle.

Main characteristics:

The line is mainly composed of:

  • Screw conveyor
    • Storage silos for roasted nuts
  • Automatic or semi-automatic shelling machines
    • Vibrating channel for shell/kernel separation and shell elimination
    • Shell aspiration unit
    • Recycling line for unshelled nuts
    • Kernel collecting line


Standard specifications for Indian cashew kernels for export have been laid down by the Government of India under the Export (Quality Control And Inspection) Act 1963.

Nutrition Value

Cashew is a cholesterol free naughty nut contains lowest fat among tree nuts.

It has healthy fat, good profile of nutrient and good source of Vitamin B – Biotin & Vitamin K.

Therefore, it has performance nutrition with low carbohydrates and high protein.

Also, it is very useful for bones as it contains high phosphorus, magnesium & Iron.

Known as

Portuguese : caju, cajueiro, pe de caju, castanha de caju, maca de caju
French : cajou, acajou, ancardier, noix de cajou, pomme de cajou, amande de cajou
Spanish : Casa, maranon, merey, nuez de maranon
Sinhalese : cadju
Italian : anacardio, noced’anacardio, mandorlad’anacardio
Dutch : acajou, kashu ,cashewnoten
Indonesian : jambumente, jambu mete

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