Dextrose Anhydrous

Dextrose Monohydrate

Dextrose Anhydrous

Botanical Name : Aplha – D – Glucose Anhydrous
English Name : Dextrose Anhydrous


Owing to our experience, we have been successful in catering to the requirements of our esteemed clients by offering quality range of Dextrose Anhydrous.

The dextrose anhydrous is produced by re-dissolving dextrose monohydrate followed by refining, evaporation and re-crystallization of seed crystals at elevated temperatures.

These are separated by centrifugation, washing and drying processes.

Our range of these products is moderately sweet and odourless.

These are widely used by patients suffering from diarrhea, dehydration, vomiting, gastroenteritis and excessive perspiration.


Appearance White Crystalline Powder, odourless & sweet in taste
Moisture% (max) at 105 degrees celcius 0.5%
Sulphated Ash (max) 0.10%
Acidity for 5 g (max) 0.125 ml of 0.1 N NaOH
Specific rotation 10% w/v at 25 degrees celcius +52.5 to 53
Dextrins & Less soluble sugars Complies with limit tests as per I.P
Chloride & Sulphate Complies with limit tests as per I.P.
Arsenic Not More than 1 ppm
Heavy Metals Not more than 5 ppm


Application :

Pharmaceutical :

Dextrose Anhydrous is formulated with vitamins and Minerals and sold in packets or containers or used during convalescent periods of physical stress by patients, athletes and students.

In medical formulations Dextrose is used in tableting (salt tablets) and as a raw material in the fermentation industry for bio-chemical synthesis of antibiotics (penicillin, streptomycin etc.) and vitamin C. via Sorbitol.

Fermentation industry :

Dextrose serves as a raw material in the manufacture of citric acid, amino acids, enzymes, lactic acid and ethanol.

Chemical processes:

Sorbitol and mannitolmethyglucoside, gluconic acid, gluconates also are produced from various chemical reactions with Dextrose Monohydrate.


25 / 50 kgs

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