Chilli Powder


Chilli Powder

Botanical Name : Capsicum Frutescens
English Name : Chili Powder
Hindi Name : Mirch
Family Name : Solanaceae


Red chilli powder is a major food ingrediant in cuisines.

It brings its characteristic bright red color and pungency to any preparation it is used in.

There are as many (or more) types of chile powders as there are chile peppers because chile powder, in its simplest form, is dried chiles, which have been ground down into a fine powder.

Indian red chili powder or lal mirch in Hindi is an Indian spice made from ground dried chili peppers. In Indian cuisine, it is used as a condiment, rubs for meat (tandoori chicken) or in seasoning foods.

For those who like minimal spice in their food, Kashmiri red chilli powder is perfect.

The Kashmiri chilli powder also gives a bright red colour to the food. Since chilli powder is so easy to use it can be added to all types of savoury recipes like curry, dal, sabzi and more.

Product Specifications **

Appearance Reddish orange granular powder
Moisture 10% Max.
Shu (ASTA Method) 15,000 – 90,000
Color (ASTA Method) 40 – 160
Sieve Size 20 – 60 Mesh (US)
Ash Content Less Than 8%
Acid Insoluble Ash 0.05 – 1.13
Non Volatile Ether Extract 12.5% MIN
Crude Fibre Less Than 30%


Chilli can be supplied in whole,crushed, powder or oleoresin forms in consistent colour and required pungent.

It also makes an excellent addition to chilis, stews, soups, meats, and beans.

Although it’s a spice blend in itself, chili powder can also be used as an ingredient in other spice and seasoning blends, such as fajita seasoning or homemade taco seasoning.

Chili powder is commonly used in Latin America in dishes such as enchiladas and tacos.

Also adds complexity to a variety of sauces, braised dishes, soups and stews, like our Best Chili or Chili Con Carne.

Indian red chili powder is most commonly used in Indian food and Asian cuisines, but it can also be used to add heat to dishes from other culinary traditions.

When shopping for chili powder, look for a product that is made with 100% pure chili pepper.

Chilli Powder is used in Southwestern and Mexican-type cooking.

It’s a prominent ingredient of chili con carne, and is also used to season eggs, shellfish, cheese dishes, and stews.

Manufacturers use chili powder in processed Mexican foods, sausages, and pork and beans.


10 kgs, 25 kgs

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