Dried Ginger


Dried Ginger

Botanical Name  Zingiberofficinale
English Name   Dry Ginger
Hindi Name  Saunth  
Family Name   Zingiberaceae


India, China, Indonesia, Nigeria, Nepal, Thailand

The best time for planting ginger in the West Coast of India is during the first fortnight of May with the receipt of pre-monsoon showers. Under irrigated conditions, it can be planted well in advance during the middle of February or early March. Burning the surface soil and early planting with the receipt of summer showers results in higher yield and reduces disease incidence.


India origin : February & March, Nigeria origin : October & November


Ginger is a spice which is used for cooking and is also consumed whole as a delicacy or medicine. Slices of the fibrous, dried rhizome of the ginger plant. Has an extremely strong, sweet aroma and flavor. Used as a cooking spice throughout the world.


25 kgs jute bags OR as per buyer’s requirement

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