Chilli Powder

Chilli Powder

Botanical Name : Capsicum Frutescens
English Name : Chili Powder
Hindi Name : Mirch
Family Name : Solanaceae


Red chilli powder is a major food ingrediant in cuisines. It brings its characteristic bright red color and pungency to any preparation it is used in

Product Specifications **

Appearance Reddish orange granular powder
Moisture 10% Max.
Shu (ASTA Method) 15,000 – 90,000
Color (ASTA Method) 40 – 160
Sieve Size 20 – 60 Mesh (US)
Ash Content Less Than 8%
Acid Insoluble Ash 0.05 – 1.13
Non Volatile Ether Extract 12.5% MIN
Crude Fibre Less Than 30%


Chilli can be supplied in whole,crushed, powder or oleoresin forms in consistent colour and required pungent


10 kgs, 25 kgs

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