Ani Seeds

Ani Seeds

Botanical Name : Pimpinellaanisum
English Name : Ani Seeds
Hindi Name : Suanf
Family Name : Apiaceae


It is a native of East Mediterranean Region. It is widely cultivated in Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, South America, Syria, Turkey, Spain, UK and USSR. In India, it is grown to a small extent as a culinary herb or as a garden plant. The major products are anis oil and oleoresin anis


Aniseeds is a ground grey to greyish brown in colour ,3 to 5 mm in length , oval in shape with short stalk attached.

It has a characteristic odour and pleasant aromatic taste


Aniseed is widely used for flavouring curries, bread, soups, baked goods, dried figs, deserts, cream cheese, pickles, egg dishes, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.


25/50 Kgs

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