Botanical Name : Myristicafragrans
English Name : Nutmeg
Hindi Name : Jaiphal
Family Name : Myristicaceae


Indonesia, Granada, Sri Lanka, India, China, Malaysia, Zanzibar, Mauritius, Solomon Island.


The major nutmeg growing areas are India, Indonesia and Granada. It also grows on a smaller scale in Sri Lanka, China, Malaysia, Zanzibar, Mauritius and Solomon Island.
nutmeg are used as condiment particularly in sweet foods. The spice in the ground form is mainly used in the food processing industry especially as a standard seasoning in many Dutch dishes. Nutmeg oleoresin is used in the preparation of meat products, soups, sauces, baked foods, confectionaries, puddings, seasoning of meat and vegetable etc. The fleshy outer cover of the fruit is crystallized or pickled or made into jellies. Mace is used in savoury dishes.


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With Shell

With Shell

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50 kgs Jute / PP bags OR as per buyer’s requirement.

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